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Mesa Conference 2023
January 25-28, 2023

Hey Family we are excited about Mesa Conference this upcoming year! We believe this going to be a year of something amazing.  Check out the new information for this upcoming year with venue changes, price changes and food changes!

Venue Changes and Food Changes

Last year we moved Mesa Conference to Parkside Resort and it was great! It gave us 2 houses side-by-side and a worship space in the middle! Well as we all found out, the venue was a tad small for the 55 people we had in attendance! We also had some issues with keeping it comfortable in the snow with our temporary heaters and then remember that blazing Sunbeam coming right for our eye balls? Yea.... I remember it too.

This year we have rented an extra venue for our Main Sessions and Worship Area. It's across the street and it's larger than our previous space! This new venue has Heating and Air conditioning!!!! It also has 3 Bathrooms!!! (and hopefully this should stop our neighbor from blasting vulgar music at us!)

Food Changes for 2023

As you saw last year, food preparation, eating, cleanup was a major pain in the butt. The living rooms weren't big enough to have the whole crew with us eating and fellowshipping and it was extremely hard to hear each other with how loud it was! It was also really hard for our cooking team to get all the cooking done for so many people. While everyone else was relaxing and taking a breather, They were cooking and getting ready for the next meal! It was pretty stressful.

This year we are not cooking our own meals, we aren't bringing Walmart with us in the trailer, not bringing griddles...

We are going to get Catering! We are waiting on our caterers to finalize their menus but at this time we are looking at either having a southern cooking buffet one night and maybe a taco bar night and then the normal pizza night for the Wednesday when we all arrive. This will allow us to have the food brought right to us! We are looking at using our last Worship venue between the houses to serve the food and have tables setup for everyone to enjoy the food while fellowshipping as a family!

With these changes to make this event enjoyable by everyone, this will increase the cost a little bit. 




(Will be a shared room with Bunkbeds and a room bathroom)

Married Couple


(King/Queen Bedroom)



(If they stay in your room. )

Meal Ticket


(Covers Food and Drinks for the weekend!)

How do we pay?

This year we are going back to using our Breeze Software to manage the payments.

With Breeze you can choose to pay it in Full, Weekly, Every 2 weeks, Monthly. Please feel free to choose whichever works for you but you will need to put the amount into the text field so Breeze will know how much you are paying.


If you have something come up at last minute, decide in a couple of months that you don't want to attend. We will not be able to refund your money since that money goes directly into paying Parkside Resorts. They will not give us back any money once we send them our multiple payments!

Here are the breakdowns if you start Payments in July, This is 6 months of payments.

For Singles Here is the breakdown:

One time Payment: $250

Weekly: $12.50

Every 2 Weeks: $25

Monthly: $50

For Married Couples, Here is the breakdown:

One Time Payment: $500

Weekly: $25

Every 2 Weeks: $50

Monthly: $100

For Married Couples with Children Staying In Your Room:

Add $70 per Child and divide by how many months are left before January


To pay for Lodging and Conference Fees CLICK HERE.

For Meal Tickets:

There will be a separate payment for Meal Tickets, Remember Meal Tickets are optional! If you'd rather bring your own food or go to town and purchase food, Please feel free to do that!


To pay for your Meal Tickets CLICK HERE.

Venue Pictures

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