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Our Lead Pastors


Marvin and Shelley Tennant

Senior Pastors (Founding Pastors)


 Our ministry was established by Marvin and Shelley Tennant in the fall of 1985 in a small living room at Jewel Carter's House with 17 people in attendance, 37 years later, the ministry has grown and moved to different buildings but Zamar still has the desire to have a deep and lasting impact on the Lancaster and surrounding areas.


Bishop Marvin Tennant has been blessed to experience several era’s of special outpourings, including the “Healing, Word of Faith, Charismatic, and Teaching moves of God. This influence has molded him into a revivalist that is very much at home in revivals, conferences, and camp-meetings while he shares the fire and love of God. His greatest passion is to Pastor and influence people to embrace their personal ministries. You will find Pastor Marvin, throughout the week on the side of the road waving cars down to pray for people. The Lord gave Pastor Marvin the vision for Drive-Thru Prayer and this ministry has exploded to ministries across the United States resulting in thousands of Salvations. He and his wife Shelley have nurtured this vision and have a beautiful and anointed daughter that is now Co-Pastor Melissa along with her husband, Nathan.


Pastors Nathan and Melissa Tisdale

Nathan and Melissa Tisdale

Lead Pastors


 Nathan and Melissa have a passion to reach people through the life changing message of the Gospel. They have given their lives to the mission of the local church and have a vision to see all people know God, find freedom, discover their purpose and make a difference. God has given this faithful family creative visions to take Zamar Church to new levels with outside of the box ways to reach the lost. They were both raised as Pastor Kids from birth. As Pastor Kids, they both were cultivated into the life of ministry at a young age. Nathan, Melissa and Asher have a deep ministry heritage that goes back to 6 generations. Melissa started leading worship at the age of 13 and Nathan started playing drums at the age of 8 and Asher is very loudly learning to do both!


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